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GARTH NUTT 11383936

       Joshua's Day With Garth
                       A wish to remember

Joshua and his family have been able to Gain strengh from this wonderful
   day and wish to Thank Garth for his time his caring and most of all 
                          for just being Garth.

 To our beautiful daughter Nicole and our little angel Joshua !

 This page is dedicated to you both to let you know how very proud we are of you, Niki you give us so much pride with your strenghth and courage that you show everyday,with all that you have been through and still you never complain. God sure knew what he was doing when he chose you for a mom !

 We love you with all our heart, our hearts break with the pain you and Josh go through, but burst with love for you both.

 Joshua you are our little angel sent from up above, sent to us from angels full of strenghth and love, you are our pride and joy.
 We wanted you both to know we love and admire you both, so here is your page.We wanted to share your story with others and to let the world know there are still wonderful kind people all around and we have found a few.

 We also would like to thank Garth for making a wish come true and our new found friend who is a sweetheart for helping make this page possible, thank you Don !
We hope everyone enjoys this page and Josh's story as much as we do !

 This is our story about our grandson and an angel / hero named Garth Brooks.

 It was Aug.1994, we had just become grandparents for the first time by our daughter Nicole. For four hours we were all on cloud nine but suddenly our world was turned upside down when we heard the words downsyndrome.
 Then the words sickly and short life span, what followed would be weeks and then months of trips to the hospital. Our lives had now turned down a new road but we had a grandson.

 It was when josh was a few months old that we heard a song called "Standing outside the fire" well,I can't explain how hard it was to watch that video but we did everyday. And so did Joshua, he would sit in front of the tv and stare.
 Time had passed and we all drew strenghth from this song. Then at 8 months old we were to have our hearts broke yet again, we heard the words Germ Cell Cancer, and Joshua will need surgery and chemo. We would all go to London Ontario to the childrens hospital for treatment. But once again our clouds turned dark when we heard the words Leukemia (Acut lymphoblastic leukemia).
 So for the next 2 yrs. we were in and out of the hospital. To see this baby tied down in a cold steel crib was more then any heart could stand. In order to make Josh feel better we would play Garth Brooks tapes, this as strange as it may sound soothed him. Joshua would lay there so very very sick and tap his little foot. It was then our daughter Nicole had me listen to "Unanswered Prayers". Once again Garth Brooks had no idea how he was helping a small family cope.

 Well,lets jump ahead to the wish.We were in London while Josh was having treatment when Nicole was approached by the "Make A Wish foundation", they wanted to grant a wish for Josh, but what he would he like? He was tied down and didn't communicate to well,we had no idea what he would like. Just then one of his nurses had said "you know the only thing i could tell ya that he likes is Garth Brooks, we play the tape you left us and he calms down and taps his foot to the music".

Well the next thing we know they are on the phone and talking to Garth's people. Before we knew it Joshua, Nicole and Kyle his dad are going back stage to meet Garth, the man who had given us all so much through his music.
 So in Oct.97 a big Limo pulled into our small community and picked them up to take them to the airport, they were off to Pittsburg.
 Joshua had his Garth shirt and cowboy hat on and was ready. Since Nanna and Bubba (us) were not there i can only tell you what Nicole has told us which is that they were treated like royalty. Josh got very sick that day and didn,t seem to excited at first but when Garth started to talk to him and give him hugs he bounced right into it. Now here is the man himself asking all types of questions and really wanting to know everything about Josh. Nicole said he was truely sincere and he sang and let Josh do what ever he wanted too. He showered him with about $300.00 worth of pics and videos and CD's. He even signed a pic for us.
 I had already sent him a three page letter explaining how he had given us all hope and strenghth through his songs. They then went to their seats and watched what they called the greatest show ever and Joshua sat and wiggled to every tune, clapping and smiling the whole time, it was a night to remember for sure.
 And still to this very day Josh will run to the room when he hears Garth's voice,he now mouths the words and wiggles and claps. (He calls him Garf !)

 Well thats the story i said i would try and make it short but i'm a Nanna and there is no short Garth and Joshua story. We hope you enjoyed it and that you can see as you already know just how special Garth Brooks is, not only to our family but to thousands of people!

Thanks so very much Garth we love you, keep up the good work. We would also like to thank Don Congdon (aka. GB Cameraman) who has made this all possible you are an angel.

p.s. Joshua and his mom and dad and little sister Randilee are doing well, he is a fighter and our "Unanswered prayer"

God Bless them all
Nanna and Bubba
Ruthanne and Randy Michelin

If you would like to send a message/E-card to Joshua or his family please feel free at the following address.

I informed Ruthanne and Randy that we fans have talked about Joshua on the G-Box and they just could'nt believe that their little angel is known and has been talked about world wide. Lets show them that Garth's fans are as warm and caring as Garth himself, If you remember this beautiful story let them know.

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